Ethos & Values

Our ethos and values are expressed through our three core principles of ‘Inspiration, Community & Growth’ as they each capture what is at the core of our work and everything that we strive for at Burbage Primary School.


Inspiration is about education and teachers who motivate and engage children so that they come home at the end of the day with excited stories to tell and experiences to share.  It is about recognising talent and passion in children before they have noticed it for themselves and providing opportunities through a vibrant curriculum that will inspire them to persevere and build on what they already know and the skills that they already have.  It is not only about creative artistic ideas and imagination but also about thinking differently to solve problems of Science, Mathematics and Design.  We seek to inspire life-long learners through our environment; through the outlook and approach of our staff; through our curriculum and resources and through our relationships.  We know that inspiration often leads to aspiration.



We want our work at Burbage to enable our children to become active and empathic members of the community at all levels.  Community is about understanding and celebrating difference in all of its forms and we seek to provide the curriculum and structures to really help children understand each other, building skills such as effective collaboration  within the school community.  We are also part of a really large and active local village community and we create opportunities for all children to feel confident to be involved and feel a sense of belonging.  Community is also about our place in the world; we want our children to have an education which helps them to understand concepts such as social justice and equality; to critically reflect on and question their impact and the impact of others.


The benefit of a smaller school is truly being KNOWN.  ‘Growth’ at Burbage is about being accepted for who you are and being challenged and inspired to move out of your comfort zone on your own path and from your own individual starting point.  For us it is about having a really detailed understanding of where our children are in their learning and what they need next in order to thrive academically and also personally.  ‘Growth’ is also about an understanding and appreciation of the natural world; how it grows and the way we interact with it.  Our children are part of the next generation, who will be responsible for looking after the natural environment and using the education we provide for them to make positive change.  Our school site is a physical representation of ‘growth’ as we plant and nurture our own vegetables, flowers and trees as part of our curriculum as well as hatch and keep our own chickens and other animals such as guinea pigs, tortoises, giant African land snails and fish.