Ethos & Values

“Inspiring and Nurturing Together”

Our ethos and values are expressed through the phrase “Inspiring and Nurturing Together”.


Inspiring is about wanting the very best for our children in terms of their learning and ambition, to take risks, to be ready for a challenge. We want our children to come home at the end of the day with exciting stories to tell and experiences to share, full of questions and a thirst to learn more. It is about recognising talent and passion in children before they have noticed it for themselves and providing opportunities through a vibrant curriculum that will inspire them to persevere and build on what they already know and skills they already have. It is not only about creative artistic ideas and imagination but about thinking differently to solve problems in Science, Mathematics and Design. We seek to inspire life-long learners through our environment; through the outlook and approach of our staff; through our curriculum and resources and through our relationships. We know that inspiration often leads to aspiration.


Nurturing is about the kind, caring and supportive atmosphere of our school and the common goal of wanting our children to feel secure and empowered as individuals. The benefit of a smaller school is truly being KNOWN. For us it is about having a really detailed understanding of where our children are in their learning and what they need next in order to thrive personally as well as academically. Nurturing is also about our children understanding that they must nurture others around them, to be kind and considerate. We want our children to grow as part of the next generation who will be responsible for nurturing the planet, for being aware of their impact on the natural world. We want them to use the education we give them to make a positive change.


Together is about our work as a school team, to work closely with parents and the community both in Burbage and further afield. Together we are stronger, united in wanting the very best for our children, for parents to feel involved in their children’s learning and development. We want our children to be used to collaborating, building positive skills for their future. We are part of a really large and active local community and we create opportunities for all children to feel confident to be involved and feel a sense of belonging. Together is also about our place in the world; we want our children to have an education which helps them to understand concepts such as social justice and equality; to critically reflect on and question their impact and the impact of others.

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