Curriculum Intent

Inspiration, Community and Growth’ underpin our vision; these words capture everything we strive for at Burbage Primary School. Our aim is to foster life-long learners who are active members of the community, locally and globally with growth mindsets to go beyond limited thinking. At Burbage we are ambitious for all pupils to achieve their full potential through a carefully sequenced, broad and balanced curriculum. This is knowledge focused but also equips children with the necessary skills to succeed in life.

We have recently re-written our curriculum for each year group with a focus on knowledge. Following from research into transferring learning into the long-term memory, we teach our foundation subjects in ‘blocks’ of subjects so children can become totally immersed in what they are learning. We have a clever system for keeping this learning alive and in the long-term memory so our children can draw upon in it as they move onto the next stages of their education.


Aims of our Curriculum

  • To deliver a flexible, inspiring, fun approach to learning,
  • To help children to become self-motivated learners who are able to apply their skills to a range of learning experiences including solving problems, investigating and exploring the world around them.
  • To provide an exciting range of learning experiences which make learning irresistible and help children to develop a thirst for knowledge.
  • To offer a knowledge rich curriculum that builds on prior knowledge whilst still developing practical skills.
  • To make connections across the subject areas, enhancing children’s understanding of the world in which they live, preparing pupils to be lifelong learners.
  • To develop children’s communication and written skills across the subject areas.
  • To develop an understanding of how to use ICT to discover more and present findings.

We follow the National Curriculum for England as set out by the Department for Education. You can download details of the framework we follow here

Burbage Primary School’s 11 things to be experienced (at least once) by 11 years old.

At Burbage Primary School, we want children to have rich experiences to enhance their personal growth and ensure they have wide opportunities.

These are the 11 experiences we promise to give our children by the time they leave us at 11 years old:

We are committed to offering our children a broad and balanced curriculum with opportunities to experience and build on their cultural capital beyond the classroom.

  • Use a library regularly

  • Perform in a show

  • Visit an ancient monument that is local to us

  • Visit a beach, a wood, a river, a canal

  • Hatch something in the classroom

  • Visit the Houses of Parliament

  • Visit a museum or a gallery

  • Represent the school in a sports competition

  • Raise money / support a charity

  • Connect with a school in a contrasting location

  • Experience foods from around the world


Enrichment Activities

We believe that taking part in a wide range of activities nurtures a love of learning and life in all our pupils. We are keen to give them opportunities to try new things so that they form a strong community bond as well as grow as individuals.

The children are encouraged to ‘Get Involved’ in our school and many take up this challenge by representing the school, running a lunchtime Club, helping another child with their reading or running the School Newspaper (The Burbage Buzz).

Becoming independent, enthusiastic members of the community is a real strength of the school.

Trips and Visitors

As part of the curriculum, we plan educational visits to places of interest that link with the children’s topic of study. These fire children’s imagination and inspire them in their class work. Recently, we ran trips to the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth; Legoland in Windsor and Warner Bros. Studio Tours – The Making of Harry Potter. The Year 6 class were lucky enough to travel down to Covent Garden in London to watch Madame Butterfly at the Royal Opera House and our Year 2s became chefs on a visit to a local branch of Pizza Express. We use our local area as much as possible with Roman Invasions in the Pewsey Vale, visits to local farms; the church and other religious buildings and Savernake Forest.

We also invite visitors to work in school to share their expertise. Recent visitors have included:

  • Bill Mather – a local artist in Burbage who worked with the Y6 children to create seasonal pictures that have been used on the front cover of The Burbage News;
  • Eileen Browne author of Handa’s Surprise who worked with the Infants and then opened our new Library;
  • Garsington Opera, who ran a workshop with children in Y4-6 based on Offenbach’s ‘Vert, Vert’ opera;
  • And many parents who have come in to talk to the children about their jobs

We run a residential trip for Year Six who go away to a PGL centre for a week where they take part in activities such as High Ropes, Abseiling, Dragon Boat Racing and Puzzle Solving. For some, this is their first time away from home and it is a great bonding experience at the start of this important final year of their primary schooling.

Other Cluster/Partner Activities

We engage fully in cluster activities, including School Council visits, Drama days, Maths competitions, Design Technology Competitions, Folk Music festivals and Curriculum days, these have included Writing, Art Able, Gifted and Talented days and Modern Foreign Language performances. We take part in the Marlborough Cluster Dance Festival and the ‘Music for a Summer’s Evening’ at St John’s; both of which showcase the very best of local school talent and are a lot of fun!

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