School Council

As part of our work during ‘Parliament Week’, we elect our School Council democratically through voting for people to represent our views as a class. Those who choose to stand for School Council prepare a speech, we hold hustings and hold official voting at our ‘Burbage Primary School Polling Station’.

The School Council are involved in decision-making in school, they seek the views of their classes and feedback on meetings held by Miss Arkle who leads the School Council.

During the past few years the school council has been busy in school improvement projects.

  • Purchased new play time equipment
  • Improved the dinner hall experience by buying tablecloths, napkins and cutlery dispensers
  • Help design the new kitchen garden
  • Led the new playground marking project
  • Help choose the re-designed uniform
  • Worked alongside other local schools
  • Interviewed teaching candidates
  • Initiated the development of the sensory garden.
  • Choosing the components of the low level trim trail
  • Monitored the school’s energy use
  • Led whole school competitions
  • Organised questionnaires regarding club provision
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