Learning For Life – For All!

The ethos of Burbage Primary School is one which values the individuality of each child.  The staff and governors are committed to a policy which seeks to meet the individual needs of each child, particularly by developing and reinforcing self-esteem and by encouraging a positive ‘can do’ attitude to life.  To these ends, each child is helped to achieve a feeling of success in some aspect of school life and every effort made to instil a sense of pride in themselves and their work.  Our policy is consistent with the fundamental principles contained in the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice, 2014

We believe that every child is entitled to quality first teaching in the classroom. If a child needs further support, this will be arranged at a time that will not mean they are withdrawn from lessons. We support our children through regular ‘boost’ sessions and use a system of ‘pre-teaching’ for those who may benefit from additional support.