The School Day

We offer wrap-around care in ‘Owls’ Nest’ from 7.30-6.00pm each day (until 4.30pm on a Friday).

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The statutory school hours per week is 32.5 hours (6.5 hours a day)

7:30am Owls’ Nest Breakfast Club opens

8:40am (KS2)

8:50am (KS1)

We operate a staggered start to reduce traffic congestion. Children line up on the playground, please don’t leave your children any earlier unless they are in Owls’ Nest as there is no supervision until 8:40am


To ensure school starts promptly if you arrive after the doors have been shut please bring your child to the office to sign them in.

Arrival after 8.40am/8:50am will result in a ‘late’ record in the attendance register.


Assembly in the hall followed by morning lessons in reading, English, Maths and phonics (Reception and KS1) and spelling (KS2)

The morning is punctuated by 20 minute break when the children can play outside

12:15pm Lunch in our school hall. We run two sittings with opportunities for playtime either before or after eating.
1:15pm Afternoon lessons include weekly PE, science and Spanish. We ‘block’ our curriculum so will do a few weeks of subjects such as history, geography, religious education, PSHE, music, computing, art, design and technology

3:10pm (KS2)

3.20pm (KS1)

End of school day

After school clubs start

Owls’ Nest after school club opens

6.00pm Owls’ Nest closes

Morning drop-off arrangements

Parents are welcome to chat with class teachers if it is a brief message in the morning, please book in with the school office if you would like to organise a longer meeting. Whilst Reception children may initially need help with their belongings, we ask parents to help them become independent and manage their own things as soon as possible.

Please be reminded that the Trim Trail and playground equipment is only for use during school break times under staff supervision. Please help us by making sure any preschool aged children also stick to the rules!

Cycles and scooters should be left in the bike shed by the school office. For the safety of others in the playground, we ask that children, including preschool aged children, do not cycle or scoot in the playground but dismount at the school gate.

Pick-up arrangements

Parents should let teachers/the office know who is authorised to collect their child and what regular arrangements are made. Should these arrangements need to be changed for any reason, please let the office know in advance where possible or leave an answerphone message which will be passed on. At the end of the day, parents are asked to wait outside the school gates until 3.10/3.20pm when they can then wait in the playground until children are sent out from class.

In Reception Y1 and Y2 staff hand children over to parents or take them to their club. In Y3 and above, the children are released from the classroom to the person who is collecting them or to go to their club independently. Every child has been reminded that if their parent / collector is not there, they must come back to their class teacher or to the office where a member of staff will organise their care. Please remind your child of this arrangement.


Signing children in and out during the school day

Parents should come to the office if children are brought late to school or picked up early (e.g. for unavoidable appointments, such as ballet exams or hospital appointments). The office will then sign the children in or out so our fire records are up to date.

Parents in school (entry to school site and signing in)

If you visit school between the hours of 8.40am and 3.20pm, please enter via the main gates and come to the Office, closing the gates behind you. To help ensure the safety of all our children, all visitors to school are asked to sign in at the office.

Travel to and from school

We encourage walking to school as a healthy option where possible. If families are driving, we ask that parents and carers to do so with consideration for the local residents and also those families that walk, cycle and scoot to school. This is particularly important on Ailesbury Way, which gets particularly busy at school drop off and pick up times.

Parking – Our school car park has limited parking, so please note the following:

  • the drop-off zone is for dropping off only in the mornings and we ask that it is not used for parking. Children should be let out and car drivers move on
  • the front of the drop off zone must be left clear at all times during drop off and pick up times. This is to allow the Sunflowers minibus to park by the school gate to safely drop off and pick up children
  • please do not use the staff car park spaces or the disabled bay (unless you are registered disabled) please park so that cars are not blocked in keeping the gate area clear
  • for those families parking in the roads near the schools we ask that consideration is given to the local residents. Please park courteously and safely, taking care not to block driveways or double-park

Road Safety – Please be aware that YOU are responsible for the safety of the children in your care coming on to and off the school site. If your child is allowed to walk, scoot or ride a bike to and / or from school unaccompanied please let the school know in writing. We would encourage families to walk the route with their child to familiarise them with crossings and areas where they need to be particularly careful on their journey

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Equipment and Clothing

We ask that you provide your child with a water bottle, small pencil case with basic equipment such as pencils, ruler, rubber, sharpener, glue stick, scissors and a small selection of colouring pencils. Children with a pen license will be provided with a handwriting pen.  As cloakroom space is limited, please bring only a book bag or small rucksack.

Please can pupils wear PE kit to school on their PE day.

Assemblies and Collective Worship

As a school in Britain, we are required by law to have a daily act of worship/thought for the day. We have a collective worship policy for parents to see if they want to find out more and parents are always welcome to come and see an assembly if they wish; please ask at the office.

Assemblies are planned over the course of each term and will follow broad themes such as ‘People who help us’, ‘British Values’, Inventors, International Festivals and Celebrations. Over the course of the week our assemblies will include:

Singing Practice – The whole school sings/learns a song together!

Key Stage Collective Worship – Children in the Infants or Juniors have a separate assembly which is geared more towards their age.

Celebration/Extraordinary Learner Assembly – Our celebration assembly for the whole school take place on Fridays at 9am, parents are welcome. Team Points are added up and the Team of the Week is identified. Children who have been spotted as Extraordinary Learners are celebrated. Children are also welcome to bring in certificates for non-academic achievements, outside of school, such as swimming certificates.


Bringing Things In From Home

Toys – We do not allow toys in school other than for Golden Time or ‘Show and Tell’ in the Infants. If toys are brought in for these purposes they should be kept in your child’s tray and are your child’s responsibility. (Please ensure they are not precious as we cannot guarantee they may not get damaged or lost).

Phones – It is suggested that having a mobile phone is something that is left for secondary school. If your child travels to school independently and you feel they need to have a phone of their own, then it must be switched off during the school day and kept in the school office. Phones may not be used during the day (including taking photographs) without the express permission of their teacher.